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Here in Virginia Beach, we at Premier Tree Surgeons are available to provide for all of your tree care needs. This service starts from today and it will continue for as long as you need us. We have been operating in the local area for long enough to know what makes a good service and what doesn’t - we hope that you are in a position to utilize our service now!


Our team are ready to perform a good service for you every single time. We guarantee consistency. A lot of contractors are able to do a good job every now and then, but it takes a quality contractor to be able to deliver the goods day in day out. We can and we make sure we do this through several means.

Virginia Beach, VA

Our Services

The services that we offer has been split into six different pages so that you, the customer, can read them at your own leisure before making a decision about services in the future. We have created this website for exactly this reason.

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Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and stump removal are very different services with very different methods behind them. They are both operated by us and we have the tools and the experience to guarantee a great service each time we step in there. Whether you want to get rid of a pesky tree that is ruining the view, an annoying stump that is stuck there, or anything else tree related, we are the contractors for you. We look forward to hearing about your concerns and your ideas for work and we’re sure we’ll be working with you soon.

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Tree Trimming

When you think about tree trimming, you might be thinking of a certain kind of aloof, pruning that takes places in the gardens of Versailles a few centuries ago. No, sir! Tree trimming is almost scientific in the benefits it can give your tree. It is the kind of service that keeps trees living longer, gives them the room and the shape they need for optimal conditioning and helps keep future maintenance down to a minimum. Visit this service page now to make sure you know what a great service you are in for!

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Tree Hazard Inspection

There are many different tree hazards that you need to be looking out for. These include disease, damage and much much more. But, whereas you will be able to look at a tree and tell that there is something wrong with it, we are able to diagnose the problem right then and there and fix it with some great solutions. It is quick, efficient and much loved by the long list of customers that we have helped in the past - let us add you to that list!

“Tree services Virginia Beach have been a great help to me and my family. They are tree removal arborists extraordinaire! If you want to know about tree removal costs, any kind of trimming service, or tree cutting service, the tree service(s) virginia beach va company here is the right one for you.” Treevon P.

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“Call them the Tarzan tree service Virginia Beach. These lot have got what it takes to last the distance. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found a reliable tree arborist near me! Great discovery and one I will recommend to all my friends and family.” John Oak

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“Arborists in Virginia Beach, whatever next! No… there are a lot of trees here and seriously, someone needs to service them. Stump grinding Virginia can be atouch job at times but these guys are up to it. They do tree pruning, tree felling, tree trimming service and are an overall affordable tree service.” - Paul Giamantree

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Tree Braces and Support Systems

We all need a helping hand every now and then, no matter how big and strong we might think we are. Tree braces and support systems are not there for weak trees. They are not there to provide useless support for the difficulties that aren’t even there, they are only there to provide a bit of shape and you would be amazed at the benefits that this can offer. Who wants a lopsided, weak tree in the future? We all want big and strong powerhouse green giants and this is the best way to ensure that this happens.

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Soil is amazing. It has natural nutrients in it that make it a magical platform for some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. However, if there are more than one tree in a small area or there is a lack of sunlight for whatever reason, the soil could use a helping hand of its own. We are there to give it that helping hand with our brilliant fertilization services. Get in touch today if you want to find out more or visit this page and we would be very happy to explain what we can do in written form.

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Tree Care

Tree care is a catch all term for what we are able to do. We look after trees in a medical, scientific way and because of that, some people like to refer to us as tree doctors or even tree surgeons. We like this name because it reflects the work that we put in to helping trees in the area. Therefore, visit this service page for a full overview and give us a ring or send us an email to find out more. We would be very happy to hear from you.

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Contact Us Today

We have made it very easy to get in touch with us and all of the relevant contact details can be found right here on this website. If you want to get in touch it is simple. Just give us a ring or send us an email and we would be very happy to engage with you. We are very frustrated with the ways that customers make it difficult to communicate with them. You will never get that with us.