This is a picture of a fertilization service.

There is no getting away from it, soil is pretty amazing. It is a gift that we have it running all across god’s green earth. Soil can grow anything it likes, it keeps us fed and it sustains itself in a natural process that is as old as time itself. However, that does not mean that it is beyond a little help every now and then. We should be proud of the fact that we are in a position as a race to help soil do its thing. That process is called fertilization. It is a very important process and one that works well with all different soil types for all different growing purposes. Read on below.

The Benefits

The benefits of fertilization are very clear to whoever has had experience with it in the past. When you fertilize the soil, you are giving it a boost in some ways. You are injecting more nutrients into it and the soil takes on these minerals like a sponge, transferring them to the tree in question when the time is right. In the past, there have been some fears concerning the health of these fertilization solutions. However, rest assured that we use media that is very natural and that will not harm any of the natural world around the target area. It’s all good!


If you have plans to plant a tree in a particular area and you want to make sure it will grow to be big and impressive, then it is a good idea to treat the soil beforehand to make sure that conditions are optimal for when the growth happens. However, you don’t want to do so too long before, or other wildlife will be sure to take advantage. We can help you judge the right time and it also gives us a chance to come an see the location and to troubleshoot for any problems that might occur down the road for the tree you want to plant - it is a win win!


However the work does not stop once the tree is planted. Here, we are very likely to recommend more fertilization jobs to give the soil more of a boost in order to make sure the tree in question keeps growing as you want it to. This is a great service and we have a long list of customers behind us who are very happy with the results. We are hoping to add your name to that list in the near future!

Soil Inspection

A very important step in this process is soil inspection. Here, we will come and test the soil levels to make sure that the job is necessary. Then, once we have assessed the situation, we will be able to tailor our fertilization structure and planning in order to adequately meet the problems in front of us. It is a great step of the journey because it gives us a chance to get to know you as well as your trees. By the end, we will be fully ready to take care of your trees.

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